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We are a livestock farm base in Eastern Cape,South Africa,we have years' of experience in Cattle ranging dynamic dairy sector.Also Cattle of all breeds, – both dairy and beef – We supply old and young cattle(calves) as well as sheep and goats of all breeds both young and adult,ostrich chicks from day old right to breeding pair as well as fertile Ostrich eggs,we also supply Fresh & Fertile Brown Chickens Eggs,Ross & Cobb chicken,Hybrid Chickens and pure breed Chickens too for poultry our range of livestock also include pigs of all breeds young and old. We also supply good varieties of animal feeds such as alfalfa,Timothy hays,Corn Gluten Meal,Meat and Bone Meal,Organic Blood Meal Animal Feed,Soybean Meal to name a few,we also have among our products,poultry supplies such as Drinkers,Electric heaters,Feaders,Packaging boxes,cleaning products and gas hearters.All our products have been supplied for export to worldwide markets,we sale our animals at excellent prices and also provide customers with superb services,both large and small orders are welcome at First Choice Farmers.Our aim is to meet customers satisfaction in order to establish a long business relationship,your success remains our top priority.Whether You Are Buying Animals,Animals Feeds or any of our above mentioned product Across Town Or Across The World, We Are There To Be An Integral Part Of Your Purchase.

Contact Person: Patrick Willibroad
Whatsapp: +27732902805
Calls: +27 636088911


42 Van Reenen Street.Middelburg Eastern Cape

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