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interest in eating bacon and cheese and eggs and all of that junk I call it John because it's I don't think it's whatever you can have all the opinions you want y'all can eat meat if you want yellow cannot eat meat if you want I just this is all that my own journey and my own body and I'm not in any way telling you guys what to do with your lives or your bodies I want to clarify that so the other thing I'm gonna mention is that I have a couple of unhealthy things that I kind of like toss into my diet every one so now because  Primal Grow Pro I like to have treats I like to have savory things savory foods right now we are in the process of moving so I do not have like a fully stocked pantry however I will soon so if you guys do want to see more keto videos like keto recipes my weight loss on keto how I'm feeling whatever comment down below all that good stuff but without further ado I'm gonna dive right in to the


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