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leptoconnect what why not look at a major issue a huge issue in the world that many people experience and not people but men men are people but you know sometimes we're treated as if we're not because for some reason you can make fun of a man's tiny penis but you can't make fun of a woman for some of her you know natural features that were given to her by nature because you know then they would be insulted but you know it's open territory to make fun of a man's small penis or sexual performance as you get older your testosterone decreases that's the hormone the manly hormone that you need in order to get your uh your nookie on you know I'm saying your little look nuts putting it in the nuk nuk getting it in out doing your thing and you know I personally don't really struggle with any of these issues but I know there's a lot of you out there that do maybe you're listening to this podcast right now I think it yourself oh boy I'm about to learn something about some male enhancement pills maybe I'll find the one that works for me or maybe you'll just hear a bunch of hilarious stories of people who are excited about the product that they purchase from Amazon or not so excited I 


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