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RIVATE  WOMEN’S ABORTION CLINIC AND EFFECTIVE PILLS ON SALE, CALL (+27764484821)DR.JOY ABORTION CLINICS : We use safe & trusted Medical pills. Same Day Service, safe & guaranteed pain free Abortions / termination and womb cleaning we use safe & trusted pills / tablets, pregnancy test, Blokes tubes, STD`S Treatment, Menstruation pain,we also do womb cleaning. Everything you need to know about the health of modern woman. Abortion: decision, facts, myths. The set is a combination of two medicines especially used for medical abortion (termination of pregnancy) Abortion is the removal embryo or fetus from the uterus. The expulsion of a fetus or embryo before the 33 week of gestational age (the age of pregnancy) is commonly known as a miscarriage. Induced abortion is the removal embryo or fetus, usually by or medication method..Discrete women's Abortion Clinic offers same day services that are safe and pain free, we use approved pills and we clean the womb so that no side effects are present. Our main goal is that of preventing unintended pregnancies and unwanted births every day to enable more women to have children by choice, not chance. We offer Abortion services including "Abortions to 12 weeks, Abortions 12 to 24 weeks, Abortions by Pill and The Morning After Pill." We also offer pregnancy testing, and a full range of other services. Beyond other abortion clinics, we specialize in the treatment of pelvic pain, painful sex, fibroids and heavy periods. We also sell and deliver abortion pills to clients who are distant from our clinics or to those who wish to undertake the termination process in the comfort of their homes. We are proud of our reputation for being a medical office that treats each patient with distinctive care and respect and our personal dedication to abortion services continues to ensure that women maintain the right and the opportunity to choose to have an abortion. We respect the confidentiality of all patient interactions. If you choose to include your spouse, partner or friend in your visit to our clinic, we will welcome their participation and address any concerns that they may have. If you choose to maintain strict confidentiality, we will support you in this decision. We are located in Germiston, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto, Krugersdorp, Tembisa, Springs, Benon,Rustenburg, Witbank

SAFE ABORTION CLINIC / PILLS(Cytotec) AS FROM R1500 -How effective is it? O/GYN clinics durban offers Medical Abortion is approximately 95% effective. Misoprostol/mifeprex will terminate / Abort the pregnancy (s) with no side effects at a very low cost .

use sanitary towels during this time. Bleeding will be like a normal menstrual period and you may also pass some small blood clots. In most cases the bleeding will then stop. Same Day Services Safe Abortion /Termination clinics in Most Places Of South Africa have national reputation providing highest quality Safe abortion services in a safe and caring environment . kindness , courtesy and respect.

our Board Certified OB/GYNs have specialized training and extensive experience in administering abortion methods . Our main goal is to provide private and compassionate health care to women. NB; We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care at affordable prices.

we offer different methods to terminate 1 to 28 weeks pregnancy(s). These methods include the Safe abortion pill/RU-486 cytotec and the asipiration procedure. Both of these methods do not involve any scraping or scaring of the uterus. They are designed to naturally release a woman’s pregnancy tissue in a gentle and safe way, which does not cause damage.

The Safe Termination / Abortion Pills/RU-486/(cytotec) is designed to propel your period by stopping pregnancy hormones and causing the uterus to undergo contractions and thus your body releases the pregnancy tissue. With the Aspiration Procedure your Board Certified OB/GYN will apply a gentle amount of pressure that results in the natural release and termination of pregnancy tissue.Call Us Now +27764484821 or What'sApp DR.JOY!!

We also extends our services to other Southern Countries like,LESOTHO,ANGOLA,MALAWI,ESWATIN(SWAZILAND),ZIMBABWE AND NAMIBIA

Tembisa Ivory Park.

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